About Me

I'm a Communication Designer and I hold a Master's degree in Design from Politecnico di Milano.
I have extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and I can code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Team Oriented

I love to be part of a team and share ideas and knowledge. I have good communication skills and I am also a good listener.


I am very organized and I know how to prioritize my tasks effectively.

Detail Oriented

I pay close attention to details and customers' needs in order to make sure that their goals are achieved.

Open Minded

I love learning new things and undertaking challenges. I am working constantly to improve my skills.


I love everything that has to do with Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Publishing and Movie making.
I am passionate about Game Design and User Experience.


Here you can find samples of my work

All Identity Web & Mobile Graphic Publishing Video Game

Keep In Touch

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